We’re going to make a brand-new fantasy RPG system that is free for everyone. We’re not just talking about players and gamemasters. Game designers, writers, software creators – anyone will be able to use this system for any cool project they can imagine, and they can do so irrevocably, perpetually, and without paying a dime to anyone ever. It’ll be a game that belongs to the community.

One of the Cool Name RPG Consulting Designers heroically confronts a terrifying balance issue in the character creation rules!

We reached out to legends of the RPG industry and the most brilliant new creators, and we assembled a game design dream team to serve as our wizened mentors! Meet our team of game design legends!

In the final step, we take the fully armed and operational roleplaying game and release it first to you, and then, the world! From that day onward it’ll be free to anyone and everyone that wants to play it, share it, publish their own game with it, create a cool video game with it, or anything else they can imagine. Irrevocably, perpetually, and royalty free until the end of time.

We’ve covered all the exciting stuff so now on to some details. We’ll also share more on how the project will run, what rules we’ll cover, and a host of other details in updates and live streams that we’ll post throughout the campaign.

“Where Does the Money Go?”

This project is not designed to “make money.” Every penny this campaign brings in goes to the costs of completing the project and delivering the rewards. It is, at best, a break-even proposition. Here are some details about how we’ll use the funds generated during this Kickstarter.


  • Paying Consulting Designers and Contributors
  • Legal Fees to Draft or Review a License
  • Layout and Design
  • Art and Illustration
  • Editing and Copyediting
  • Printing costs (for backers that choose those tiers)
  • Kickstarter and Backerkit Fees


  • WE’RE NOT PAYING MARC – Marc Tassin is donating his time for this project. This includes his writing, design, editing, and project management time.
  • WE’RE NOT PAYING Mechanical Muse Expenses – We’re donating our infrastructure to make this happen. None of the money earned in this campaign goes toward our day-to-day costs.
  • WE’RE NOT MAKING A PROFIT for Mechanical Muse – ANY money we get during this Kickstarter will be spent on this project in a way that benefits the project. Mechanical Muse makes ZERO profit. Nothing earned during this Kickstarter goes into the Mechanical Muse coffers. We’ll spend every penny we get making the rewards you receive even better.

WE BELIEVE IN PAYING CONTRIBUTORS A FAIR LIVING WAGE. This is non-negotiable and one of the core beliefs of Mechanical Muse (you can read our charter here). In fact, this is a big reason why we’re using Kickstarter — to ensure all the other contributors receive fair payment for their work.

Pledge Today!

All of the funds we generate through late pledges will be used to add incredible art by Russell Marks, get more time with our Consulting Designers to make the rules even better, and hire additional writers so we can get the work done even faster!

If you’re already a Kickstarter backer, and you want to upgrade to a higher pledge level, use your survey link to visit Backerkit! Once you’re there, you can change your original pledge!